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Claire “Clean Air Resources” Technologies Corporation

Integrated Technology Solutions to Decarbonize
Whole Energy Supply Chain

Store, Transport and Use Hydrogen at Ambient Conditions
Safely & Cost Competitively Using Claire’s Liquid Organic
Hydrogen Carrier(LOHC) EzH2TM and Integrated

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About Us

Claire Technologies was formed in 2015 and incorporated in 2018, composed of experienced oil company executives and a first-class team of scientists and engineers with over 400 years of experience in technology scale-up from concept to commercialization of  $1B+ businesses

Claire’s Mission

Develop carbon neutral solutions to help decarbonize the whole energy supply chain.
Products are designed, from the molecule up, to coexist with and eventually replace existing fuels. Intellectual property protection via 12+ patents and pending patents

Claire’s Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier EzH2TM

  • EzH2 is liquid organic hydrogen carrier (LOHC) that is recyclable and bimodal, it can be used as a LOHC and since it can be made from bio-sources, it can be combusted as a fuel with no carbon penalty
  • A matched chemical pair that is more stable than diesel and can be stored at ambient conditions (compression not necessary which allows for use of existing oil & gas infrastructure)
  • When loaded with blue/green hydrogen can reduce emissions by >99% (when compared to diesel)
  • These attributes enable EzH2TM to be a hydrogen distribution & storage system capable of grid-scale storage of dispatchable clean energy

Power Grid & Critical Power Systems

Ability to store grid-scale clean energy long-term (days, weeks, months!) and deliver when necessary. Enables continued penetration of Renewable Energy into power grids by adding reliability and solving “Duck Curve” issues.

EzH2TM /SOFC can replace diesel gensets as a clean power back-up alternative for hospitals, data centers, distribution centers

EzH2TM stores 245 KWh/bbl of power & delivers 150 KWh/bbl via a 60% efficient SOFC

Hydrogen Hubs

EzH2TM Ecosystem system supports both centralized and distributed hydrogen storage while maximizing the use of existing infrastructure for distribution and sales.

Long-Haul Trucking

EzH2TM /SOFC powered trucks are:

  • Safer than highly pressurized hydrogen trucks
  • Smaller battery substantially reduces weight when compared to electric alternatives
  • Range and fill-time comparable to diesel engines
  • >99% fewer emissions than diesel engines


EzH2TM enables carbon-neutral operations and bimodal design enables power-boost (with no carbon penalty)


EzH2TM enables carbon-neutral operations and bimodal design enables power-boost (with no carbon penalty)